New Work

This summer, I've begun working on a new trio with dancers Sanda Saveanu, Breeanah Breeden and myself. I'm calling it "Unstable Artifacts," and I've got some questions large and small that are guiding the work:

  • First, what is the trio form? It is such a relationship-driven configuration (2 against 1, all 3 together, everyone alone), that I'm interested in figuring out how to examine its more abstract or formal possibilities. Someone who did this particularly masterfully was Jennifer Monson in her show last October Live Dancing Archive at New York Live Arts.
  • Second, how can I integrate projections on the bodies of the dancers, so that dancers move from subject (moving body) to object (screen for a video of moving bodies) and back again? 
  • Third, how do I utilize the prosaic tech imperatives (we have to move the projector around, it's sitting in the space, we set off the cues from the computer, etc.) with more dynamic dance movement? I want the physicality of big dance interwoven and juxtaposed with the task-based directness of organization.

I'll be blogging about the piece as it develops over the course of the next month.  Check out a short clip above!